Road planning much? (1)


Here we are on Nanaimo and E.Hastings on a Sunday afternoon.. not rush hour but lots of cars jammed on this side of the road (perhaps on the other side too). All becuase the traffic is all down to one lane only due to left turn allowed at the intersection without 1) proper left turn lights on neither side 2) No dedicated left turn lane 3) Parking on the side. 


Sure parking is not allowed 3-6pm during weekdays. But E.Hastings is a major artery for the City of Vancouver that connects traffics to Highway 1, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, SFU etc... It should not have a chance in any given time of the day or week to have just one lane operation.


** SOLUTION MAYBE: Reduce 4 parking spots on the side to create a dedicated left turn lane. YES IT CAN BE DONE! If you can squeeze bike lanes in the already congested Downtown, you can make dedicated left trun lanes!Wink

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